Red Dot B. @ Dempsey

There's just something about Dempsey that gets me all fizzy and excited, at the prospect of a great night out in the area- Well maybe because it's so out of the way that I don't usually go there; I mean the last time I was there was when I was with Harrison when we went to PS Cafe in June! (Remember the awesome meal we had?) Why don't I feel the same about Clarke Quay, which is also a great nightspot in Singapore, I have no idea. But I guess it's the exclusivity of the location and I won't feel like I was going to be mobbed by throngs of tourists and party-goers at Dempsey, that's for sure!

It was almost a last minute decision to go to the mini UNLV get together, but I was glad that Audrey asked me along! ( I was the only non-UNLV student there!) The atmosphere at Red Dot Brewhouse was amazing- The restaurant/bar was really comfy, airy; not at all intimidating and pretentious; and the staff were a friendly bunch. In short, it is a great place for you to hangout with your friends- What with the lumbering towers of their home brew beers and wide selection of skinny pizzas! Of course, the live band, consisting of a singer and a keyboardist were really awesome and they've definitely got my attention with their opening song- Hey, Soul Sister; which is my absolutely favorite song! Their rendition of Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are, which we had requested, definitely brought goosebumps to my arms and made one of my friends melt into her seat! (Yes, she was so full of love! Pamela, you're one lucky girl!)

I'm a very visual person; and don't get me wrong, but I do eat at hawker centres and food courts! I just, appreciate sitting down, and having a nice meal in a beautiful setting too. I'm definitely for building and designing a space around the environment that you are in; creating a sort of harmony. Dempsey is definitely a great location for restaurants to go all out in this area and Red Dot B. definitely did well in this area! The gorgeous open bar, all that warm colors, woodsy accents, vines against the foliage. 

It was great hanging out with the people from UNLV; I mean, at my workplace; I am working with adults everyday and sometimes I need to let loose a little; around people closer to my age isn't it?! Conversation were flowing freely, from guys wearing jodphurs, to army boys doing the do in toilet cubicles late at night; to cute Korean boys who are all the rage in SG right now, and how they hate the attention that they are getting. It was crazy, but really fun; hats off to you UNLV Rebels! Really made me regret not accepting my offer to UNLV in the States; well, just a little! University of Queensland, give me a reply already! 

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