This is what Tuesdays are for;

Went on a date with Esther,
At the so called, Hong Kong Cafe;
Positively drooling over the Holgas; I so want one in red!
And look at our nails! It was only after the manicurist had painted my nails that I realised the salon were using China Glaze's products! Love my  For Audrey nail color; it is something that @missyAud would go for, I'm sure!
Virgin trip to Botak Jones, and again, thanks Willis, for the treat!
It was definitely fries overload; to quote A Cinderella Story, D.I.E.T is definitely a four-letter word in this place! They're a cute couple, who succeeded in making me miss Harrison; Plus look at how color coordinated they are! (And I love Esther's vest which she got from Hong Kong!)

As we were making our way to 313, we saw graffiti, on a wall! Well, graffiti is considered an act of vandalism in Singapore; so this was probably some controlled, government sanctioned work; but owell; it's not too bad; I'm actually quite drawn to the white masks and the boy in the middle; with an upside down smile;
Popped by Candy Empire; and there were loads of jelly beans on the shelves! I'm love my jelly beans and it took alot for me to look away; and not get them! (Just got some sweeties and chocolates on Sunday! So, a girl has got to learn how to C.O.N.T.R.O.L!) Although I did scoffed like, five of Esther's gummi bears! (They're definitely a close second to jelly beans!)

Watched The Wedding Singer yesterday and I loved how cute Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore looked together! Surprisingly, I find myself attracted to the loud colors and big hair that were prevalent in the movie! This was certainly not the case when I watched other movies which were set in the 80s' or that were actually from that period like Pretty In Pink; So, just as I was getting ready this morning, I found this colorful, knee length skirt which I got a couple of years ago from F21 and I decided to go all out in being all 80s' (inspired)! It is probably not as wild you'd imagine but it is certainly a deviation from the norm especially with my t-shirt knotted above the band of my skirt! Now, if only my hair were as big Christine Taylor's; but I guess, I'll never manage that without a wig!

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