When I Was Younger and a Little Braver;

 Spotted Kong at the lift lobby in school; he's one of my friends whose wardrobe I want to raid;

Spotted this guy in the canteen; for obvious reason; but really; I loved his layers of On Peddar necklace! Owell, and his Gucci loafers got him extra cookie points!

I was browsing through the clothes rack at this shop in Shilin Nightmarket when I saw the shop assistant! She was so shy about having her photograph taken; but how could I not- I loved her hair against the color of her knit dress. And this picture really does not do her justice!

Yet another shop assistant, this time round at WuFenPu; She looks so edgy and put together and I loved her androgynous style; She's dressed in black from head to toe; but the draping fabric and details keep her from looking all dull and blah

And Samantha; aww what more can I say, she makes carrying a backpack all cute; and at times; tres chic- Depending on her outfit of the day!

Shirley was chatting with me the other day; and she needed to get some pictures from my Pearls & Sands blog for an English assignment; I was browsing through my blog and what struck me most was how brave I used to be in the past; stopping people; and asking if I could get a picture of them because I loved their outfit! Of course, there were some rejections; after all, I'm not The Sartorialist nor the Facehunter! My most memorable/harshest rejection would be when I was with Esther in Taipei; (the girl was wearing a bejeweled Union Jack tank top; raddest red skinnies; Doc Martens; topped off with a fedora) And the couple continued to walk away from me at lightning pace; without a word, even though I used English & Mandarin with them! ( Maybe they're Japanese?! But I was secretly, slightly wounded after that incident!)

Nevertheless; I still loved the thrill of getting a great shot of people and their style; and trying my hands at being a little Scott Schuman wannabe. Browsing through my archive; I could still remember my encounter with everyone that I've snapped a picture of, and it certainly brings back nostalgic feelings and memories. Who knows right? Perhaps I'll start snapping pictures of people again! Aww, that would be nice.

Pardon the grainy pictures; all of these were taken over a year ago- Back when I didn't appreciate photography and the absolute need for sharp images.

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