P.S. I Love You.

I've heard lots of good things about P.S Cafe, but I haven't really got the chance to head over to Dempsey to try their food; Therefore, it goes without saying that dining here was definitely on the top of my To-do list when Bb's here in SG!

We were there for lunch today and I got to say that it's definitely lived up to the hype;

The unit is a little out of the way; and hard to spot; but once you walk through the door; you'd be amazed by how airy and green the restaurant is! Looking through the floor length windows; the expanse of greenery just right outside P.S Cafe is arrestingly beautiful; and you just can't help but feel miles away from work/reality; because the only reality is you being surrounded by Mother Earth; and of course, your date for the rendezvous;

He's wearing one of my absolute favorite shirts of his;

The food was not mind-blowingly good; but it's alright; and what you would expect from dining at a place such as Dempsey;

H got Shepard's Pie with Pea & Ham soup;
And according to him; the soup was really good; not at all gross; as the name suggested; (And I agree!)
But the Shepard's Pie could be better; with more taste;

Their salad dressing was great! Nothing creamy or heavy- In short; how I like my dressings.

 I got their Fish Croquette which sounds amazing from the description on the menu; and I was pleasantly surprised that they've heaped tons of veggies on the plate too; for a balanced meal;

The croquette was good; but my experience was slightly marred when I spotted a one-cm long plastic shred in my food; Didn't kick a huge fuss over it but the Server was awesome enough to want to get me a new plate; which I declined since I'm almost full from the salad;

The amazing; Banana Walnut Butterscotch! Apparently, this is a new dish!

He offered to give us a dessert on the house though; and with his help; we chose the Banana Walnut Butterscotch and it was sinful! The cake was absolutely delicious on it's own; but with the scoop of Vanilla ice cream on the side with butterscotch drizzled generously over the cake; I could just hear the health freak side of me screaming in vain;

Harrison and I finished it to the last bit in the end; and it was absolutely worth it;

And a shoutout to Samantha; It is really like Cheesecake Factory's!

P.S. Guess where did we make reservation for Dinner this Saturday? I promise; I'll do another post on it!

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