Starbucks & The Hand Burger.

Have been taking pictures of food on a couple of occasions; but I haven't got the chance to do up a post; so I shall go the easy way; and consolidate everything in one post; 

Met up with the girls last week for a quick dinner at Aston's; unfortunately, due to the awful Salmon Spaghetti; not only did I not finish my meal; but I forgot to snap pictures of my friends too; However, we did pop by B&J's to satisfy our sweet tooth. No B&J's trip is complete without a waffle bowl; Strawberry Cheesecake and the mandatory scoop of colorful sprinkles all over; And because we're sharing the waffle bowl; I added a scoop of Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie which is a nightmare; but absolutely amazing(: 

A simple brunch at Starbucks with girlfriends was the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon; Who knows that the Chicken & Apricot sandwich tasted so good; and how could I forget to mention my favorite Soy Green Tea Latte; One thing that I love about Starbucks is their Christmas packaging; I rarely go for the hot drinks; but I am sorely tempted to; just to get my hands on the festive, red; and Christmassy tumbler. I know, I know; we're just paying for the packaging. But; it's not always Christmas, is it?(: As the girls were busy typing up their presentations and essays; I was flipping through my Paris guidebook; it's already the 26th today; I can't believe that I would be flying off in three weeks time! How exciting!

Thanks to Audrey's recommendation, we went to The Hand Burger for dinner; and as always, it was really amazing! Shirley and I ordered the vegetarian option; and sadly, they've only got the Portobello Mushroom Burger as the veggie option; but nevertheless; it was really good! The Portobello mushroom was really big and fresh; and the stuffing was nothing like I've ever had before. Looking at the menu again, I found out that the stuffing was made up of spinach, walnuts, cheese, and even beancurd- Definitely a strange combination and I've got to admit; I would never put that stuff in my mouth if I had known/read about it previously; but trust me, though the smell leaves a strong aftertaste in your mouth, (nothing that one or two mints wouldn't fix) but the texture; and that tangy flavor, is really worth it! 

I'll definitely go back again; I even know what I want to order when I'm back; I've spotted something called the Duck Confit Burger; and it sure sounds like something fun!

The Hand Burger
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6334 4577

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