Jeslin Summer.

Had an awesome, awesome dinner date yesterday with Belle, Liz & Jeslin; (whom I haven't seen in ages!) Can't believe that we've spent close to 3.5h sitting in that booth in Kim Gary's; catching up and well, it's a good thing they put us in a corner as we just kept talking! Pictures will be posted in another post; but for now, I'm in love with Jeslin's outfit (And this candid shot of her!) Loved the all-black ensemble and anyone who even suggests that she adds a little color into her outfit ought to get a knock on the head! I definitely went "Wow!" when I heard that she got her leotard for a bargainous $7.50 from New Look and I'm swooning over that perfect, ankle grazing, pleated black skirt which she'd got from Seoul! To top it off, her jet black, ramord straight hair is the perfect style for this look! Love you Jes! You've always been my inspiration; xx

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