So Won't You Please?

Another year, another video.
I've kind of taken it in my stride that Harrison & I wouldn't be celebrating each others' birthday the conventional way; but it's kind of nice; and really fun to be able to do something special for him. (Which I have a feeling I would not be able to go about doing if he's right beside me. Oh, the distraction.)

Originally, I've wanted The Song to be a little more contemporary; or perhaps; a really sickeningly sweet Chinese song by one of his favorite artiste, but when I stumbled upon a video of the Sonia Rykiel SS11 fashion show; I knew I had to use this bubbly and catchy 1963 number, Be My Baby performed by The Ronettes. I had so much fun doing the video; (especially the chorus!) and not once did I get tired of the tune. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have the entire song memorized!

Moving on to the actual, birthday bit of this post;
Baby, I am sorry that I can't celebrate your birthday for you, again. But I hope that the video could be a really good replacement(: When I saw your reaction as you were watching the video; and when I heard you singing "Be my, be my baby..." after everything; it made staying up late; and getting sick as a result of sleep deprivation; kind of worth it. Almost ;p

I'm showering you with tons of blessings; that for the next 365 days till your 21st; your days would be filled with joy, laughter, happiness; most importantly, love. And now that you are about to complete the first semester of your Senior year at IU; I pray that you'll be able to find courage, determination and perseverance;

Happy 20th Birthday Baby(:

Missing you terribly; but I won't complain; Looking forward to seeing you in less than a month's time at London Heathrow ♥

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