I Want Lanvin, Not Flowers.

Want. Need. Need. Want. Need.
Absolutely in love with the Lanvin for H&M collection; 
When is H&M coming to the shores of SG?!
I can only imagine the queues outside the H&M stores all over the world, on November 23; waiting for the launch of this coveted collection. Yes, although the dresses are more suited for prom; and the designs of the tees are unique; (but they don't warrant the sky high price that we have to pay for one) I believe; this is what the collaboration is about; what fashion, is all about! Bringing world renowned designer; Alber Elbaz himself; and creating a capsule collection; which is somewhat affordable and much more accessible to the masses! Thanks to this collaboration, owning a Lanvin creation would not break our bank! Thank you, H&M!

That man; is pure genius!
J'adore Lanvin ♥

Pictures taken from Google & HM.com 

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