Smurfs, Marie Antoinette and DJ Zeus in the House!

For most of us in Asia, Halloween is just an occasion for people to dress up as fairies, ghouls, superheroes and the likes; when they will carve a scary looking pumpkin and go trick or treating in the neighborhood. In fact, one of my earliest exposure to Halloween was when I was watching ET when I was about five or six!

Although pumpkin carving is not as common in Singapore, in recent years, Halloween had been a great reason for a good night out! This year was the first time that my friends and I are celebrating Halloween; and boy, was the crowd crazy! Clarke Quay was just a melting pot of cultures with locals and tourists alike mingling in the crowds. It was definitely an eye opener as there were so many different costumes out there; Other than what was mentioned in my title, there were Beefeaters (yes, there was that huge, furry hat), Grecian Goddesses, Harajuku Girls, a walking toilet bowl complete with a seat, bloody Valentine killers with big gas masks and Zombie brides!

My friends weren't too bad, costume wise; Yina had a zipper attached beneath her eyelid with eyelash glue and she looks bloody, and really gory. Thinking about her eye is giving me the creeps right now actually; Priscilla used her nursing uniform from school; and she looks like a psycho nurse on the loose complete with a syringe filled with fake blood. There were wounded soldier, mad scientist, hot Milkmaid, a sad, broken doll and on top of that; my friends and I were pretty impressed with the bartender in that Geisha getup!

Although the crowd was insane, and there were hardly room for you to move (much less dance) on the dancefloor; it was certainly a great night out. Throughout the night, I had to catch myself from uttering; "Can't wait for next year's!" as I wouldn't be here; and that thought was definitely pretty depressing. Nevertheless, I am going to remain upbeat! I mean, there will definitely be other occasions! Deepavali anyone?! Heh;p

Have a great week ahead everyone, xx

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