At Professor Brawn's

So it was Hallow's Eve and as usual; I left my Halloween shopping to the absolute last minute; wheedled and dragged my brother to accompany me to Novena/United Square where I felt, I could find the greatest selection of Halloween goodies without having to go down to Orchard. I have no idea where I got the idea that United Square sells "tons of novelty stuff" but apparently, other than Toys 'R' Us, I could not find a single shop selling a witch's hat; or even fake blood; well, maybe Cold Storage, but that doesn't count. But anyway, the main point of this post was not to talk about Halloween, (I shall leave that for another post) but rather; the surprisingly good food that we've had that afternoon. 

Initially, I wanted to go to Cedele as I was craving for a piping hot bowl of soup, but thanks to individuals that occupy tables for four; and couples that continue to sit around for a tete a tete even though they've finished the ice in their glasses; we decided to roam around Novena for a cafe that would be suitable for a tea; 

Saw Professor Brawn's Cafe almost immediately when we went up the escalators and I got to say that the concept is pretty interesting! Had to fill up a survey form at the end and I actually said that my favorite part about the restaurant was its decor; well, that counts for something right?! The walls were gorgeously done; and I loved the hot pink seats so much that my brother and I decided not to sit on the white, plastic chairs. 

My brother ordered a bowl of Clam Chowder and although I didn't get a taste; he told me that it was pretty satisfying. However, what I liked most about his soup was that it came with a large, side of panini bread ( I think) it was almost like the ones that Modesto's uses with olive oil and it tastes really amazing! (I'm not a bread person, so, that really says a lot!)

I did not have my soup fix but I did have an order of Chicken Caesar Salad; it tastes pretty much like what salad tastes like; but it was definitely to my liking, and at a price of $8.90; it was definitely worth for money! 

One thing about Professor Brawn's Cafe is that not only does it look pretty; and its price are pretty kind on the wallet; however, one thing pretty commendable about the restaurant was that  they hire autistic teens to give them a safe haven; to help them build their confidence as they interact with patrons. I did not know about this till I read a review on the wall behind us and it definitely made me look at the restaurant in a different light! 

Needless to say, I am definitely giving this cafe two thumbs up; and if you happen to be in the area; do drop by Professor Brawn's for a quick bite; one thing to note though, the music playlist in the cafe is rather... Erratic; At first, it was mostly Top 40 and for some reason; the entire playlist was all Jay Chou. Definitely a little weird; with its settings; but oh well, that's not a good reason to stay away for sure! 

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