Happy 49th Birthday, Daddy!

I love how my Dad's birthday falls on a Monday this year; because the whole weekend feels like a huge, extended birthday celebration! I do believe that for lunch tomorrow (or technically, later), my uncle and aunt will definitely bring him out for a birthday treat; and I will get to have yummy food again! On a... serious note; I can't believe that my dad will hit the big 5-0 next year! Many of us have hit the 2-0 this year; and it is a pretty big deal for us; so I can't imagine how it must be for my Dad;

We went to Modesto's @ Vivo City for some great Italian food; and it did not disappoint! I have been craving for some skinny pizzas and I love how there was a huge variety for us to choose from! In the end, I chose a pizza with pretty fancy Italian name; which is essentially artichokes, mushrooms and ham; and it wasn't too bad! At least; it is a deviation from the usual Hawaiian that we have! On a side note, I loved Jason's order; he had the seafood risotto and it was amazing! I was sitting right next to him; and I couldn't stop... (well, I did try my best!) stealing from his plate! As some of you may know, aside from oysters, I'm not a huge fan of shellfish; but the clams in this dish; were done so amazingly! I'll definitely order the risotto the next time I visit!

Anyway, as a special request from Shirley, this was my outfit for Family Day this Sunday, inspired by my favorite darling, RUMI! I'm absolutely in love with my new knitted mesh top from F21 and I could see myself wearing it many times this Fall! (Am I even allowed to use that word, in Singapore?!) And as for the oxfords (From Bershka) which I've bought with London in mind initially; I'm seriously breaking into them whenever I've got the chance! They're absolutely comfortable and they go with anything; from that skirt to jeans! It is definitely the best $99 spent on shoes- Ever.

With that, I'm signing off. Got to wake up early in preparation for the good ol' Monday Blues! Cheers, xx

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