Birthday, Beer & Bratwursts.

Brauhaus Restuarant and Pub
Just as I've mentioned in the previous post, the entire weekend have been one huge feast and Monday was no exception either! Initially, our family wanted a nice, quiet meal at the Japanese restaurant outside our place; but because it's closed, we had to think of a place to go at the last minute! Thought of Brauhaus almost immediately as it is still Oktoberfest, and with Dad being a huge fan of German beers, we had to make a visit to our favorite German restaurant to have their awesome, awesome Pork Knuckle dish;

I've forgotten which beers we've had; but it was their home brew and it was awesome; definitely nothing like the usual draft and bottled beers we've got. There wasn't a huge variety of food to choose from the menu; but I've got to say that they've got a wide selection of German sausages to choose from. If Harrison were here, he would go nuts, but I'm not really a fan of sausages; so.. I decided to order a mixed selection of sausages and share it with everyone instead. Needless to say, their pork knuckles definitely lived up to its reputation- it is exactly like how the Chinese would do it; crispy on the outside; soft and tender inside. I had to put my inhibitions aside for that minute and savor every bite, but like I've said, it was definitely worth it!

Can't believe that my Dad is really 49 this year; This birthday is definitely.. More special in a way because I've received my acceptance letter from University of Queensland! I'll be starting my semester next February and will be there for 1.5years. I'm not sure how the semester goes; but with the exception of my Mom, I won't get the chance to celebrate my family's birthday, much less my Dad's big 5-0 next year. Although I did stay in Taipei for half a year, this will definitely be another experience of a lifetime; moving away to a new environment, starting out in Uni; and really creating memories which they are not a part of. Maybe reality have not really hit me yet; because I'm sure I'll start freaking out in no time, but I know; no matter what, it is going to be amazing. xx

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