No matter how cheesy it is; you've got to admit that 10/10/10 is a pretty special occasion; like I've mentioned on Facebook; I've even got 10 friends who were celebrating their birthday on this day! Met up with some of my secondary school friends, whom I haven't seen in ages at Manhattan's Fish Market @ Iluma to celebrate Shuxian's 22th birthday and it was great! The food, (anything with calamari, goes!) the catching up; and the polaroids were great fun! The birthday girl was gorgeous, as always and an incredible hostess!

Wore my new, favorite pair of pants from Zara and I can't get over how comfortable; and yet how incredibly chic it is. It is a complete random thought; but the moment I put on the pants, I just thought that it looked like something Erika would wear! It definitely made me smile when Shuxian told me how she couldn't keep her eyes off me when I sat down at the table, heh! Lately, I've been wearing some really old pieces of clothes or accessories out; and the faux pearl necklace is no exception! It's been hanging in my closet for like forever; and finally; I got a pair of tweezers out; removed some of the knick knacks hanging off the necklace and I like how I've got something pretty Carrie Bradshaw-esque going there.

I still love my pants! <3

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