Friday Night Lights.

There's nothing quite like winding down after the end of a long day, and welcoming the weekend at home in a pair of comfy old sweats, good music and a super masque slapped on your face. As I've mentioned on different occasions, no thanks to Tumblr, I've neglected this space horribly and of course, it's time to make amends though this is nothing but a little peek into what I've been into these few days. Well yes, apart from Tumblr

Thanks to Shirley's brother, I've got him to help me get a copy of Nylon Japan while he was there with his school (lucky guy!) because I knew that the November issue of Vivi would not be out on the stands yet. I'm absolutely in love with Japanese editorials and it doesn't hurt that this awesome issue comes with the cutest Crystal Ball bag! (Scans to come, once I've figured how to connect this laptop to the scanner at home.)

Also, as majority of you would have known, I've been accepted into University of Queensland to do a Bachelors in International Hotel & Tourism Management. I'd only be there for about 1.5years, thanks to credit transfers and terms starts at the end of February next year! There is definitely a mixture of emotions; as I'm excited about starting school again, in a different environment (which has always been what I've wanted) but I'm also worried about the usual stuff; like leaving behind my family and friends back home and also about living in an entirely different country. Anyway, moving on to happier things; I've treated myself by getting some gorgeous stationery from Art Box; that place is certainly not for those with a soft spot for pretty things and I ended up walking away with two files because I could not decide between the gorgeous pale green kitty one; and the one with hearts plastered all over. Same goes for the panda and koala post its; I mean- they are all so adorable; how is it even possible to choose?! Besides, I know I'd be using them; so it is not exactly considered a waste(:

So, other than reading magazines which are in a language that I could not comprehend; I've been catching up on some reading. After watching Vanity Fair last weekend, I could not resist picking up the book by Thackeray and although I have to admit that it is a struggle, reading Classics after pouring myself into Sophie Kinsella's chick lits; but there's something strangely therapeutic about reading about the wild life of  the cunning and manipulative Becky Sharp and the things that she would stoop to, to get what she wants. Also, I've started writing in my journal after a long hiatus; what with the wide range of sites like this, which could help keep an archive of my memories. But it is definitely good, going back to the old-school; and pouring  my heart out onto a piece of paper and not having to share some of my thoughts with anyone with  internet access. (However, I have to admit, having a gorgeous lime green notebook definitely helps me in getting into my groove, heh.)


Okay, so I guess, after taking a long break from blogging, I come back by writing long -winded paragraphs about my life and doing this at night doesn't really help, because I seem to have lost my sensor on the things I should blog about and I just seem to have some sort of virtual, verbal vomit on this space. Either way, this feels... strangely good, in a way. I'd leave for now and I promise, I'd definitely come back with a post on Sunday/Monday about Halloween and the crazy things which I know, my friends and I will be doing tomorrow night! 

PS/ Will be getting my witchy hat tomorrow so wish me luck about finding the perfect one!

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