Winter Wonderland.

Via The Sartorialist;  February 03 2010

I was browsing through The Sartorialist's past entries when I chanced upon this amazing picture of family and friends together on the streets of Milan; Being so obsessed with everything that is fit for December right now ( I know, you are probably sick from all the repetition) It's impossible for me to not feel anything when I see such gorgeous coats and boots on display; because for me; that is the epitome of that elusive ( in my case; ) winter wonderland.

I have been lusting after a gorgeous leopard print coat from Topshop and this display of prints is raising an animal lust in me and right now; it's of no help to me, at all. You see, I was thinking of getting a simple, black coat; very much like the one the lady's wearing, second from left; because it is most safe and functional for me; as I won't have that many opportunities to parade around in my winter wear; but you see; I used "safe" and "functional" like it's some kind of dirty word.

So it is function over fashion? Superficial and trivial as it may be; it is indeed a huge dilemma; as I'll want to invest in a nice and warm coat. But I'll let you know.


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