Musings On Mary Kate, Fur And The Parisian Dream.

Every now and then, when I have a bit of money and would like to indulge myself in the least... fattening way possible, I would go to Borders or Kinokuniya and I would get some of my favorite editorials; (because it's either that or Ben & Jerry's) No matter how tech savvy the world is; nothing compares to flipping through the glossy, colorful pages and inhaling the smell of the print and occasionally, intoxicating-ly sweet or woodsy perfume samples.

Before I lose you with my long winded prose; what I really want to say is that; this is the first magazine cover that I would like to immortalise by framing up. I don't know why I did not get magazines with MK on the cover in the past; but whatever it is; I'm already planning on flipping through the IKEA catalogue for a suitable frame when I get home later.

Alison Edmond and Tesh, fashion editor and photographer of the shoot really did an awesome job! MK looks amazing in the editorial and the clothes are beyond amazing; these are two of my favorite shots of hers and what I loved about them is that she looks so vastly different; and yet, the pages manage to ooze the essence of Mary Kate Olsen; (Which for the uninitiated; is something that a million girls, and some guys, would die for; including myself!)

Anyway, back to MC; I just wish that I have some fur in my closet; faux fur of course. For those who are following me on Twitter; you would have seen that the tiny display picture is a picture of me in the huge, shaggy, Zara fur coat which caught my fancy the first time I laid eyes on it. Call it the case of unrequited love; you always want something you can't have. Just my luck that this Fall, fur is seen everywhere; from coats, to stoles, to even bags.

Perhaps, being in the tropics; demand is > than supply; and that's why fur is hideously expensive in Singapore; I should really try my luck on the other side of the pond; and pray that I have something warm and snugly to bring in the New Year with- In front of the Eiffel Tower; with champagne and beautiful fireworks lighting up the night sky; oui?

Okay; give me a tight slap; I am dreaming now.


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