To The Airport We Go,

Crowne Plaza w/ the Control Tower in the distance
What I love about T3 is their green initiative;
The Runway! Though it wasn't as busy that day.
Colorful, traditional confectionery
Standing in front of the leafy wall; feeling a little well, knotty(:

Back when we were living in Pasir Ris, my family used to go to Changi Airport on weekends just to have dinner ( it was mostly Swensens's), hang out and watch the planes take off or land from the viewing gallery. Maybe because we were still little; but that activity used to entertain us for hours! The latest terminal is definitely much more inviting as compared to the other two and judging by the crowd, I would say that Singaporeans definitely love their airport more than any other country! I really don't see hoards of families heading out to the airports in the States, Taiwan or HK; but I guess, to be fair, the airports overseas are not as accessible as compared to Singapore's! It is always fun on these little jaunts to the airports; especially as you walk past the departure gates because you'll always wish that you were the one with passport, with some place to go! I admit, I still feel the same way when I was there on Sunday! ( Didn't help that there were flights out to London - Heathw and CDG!)

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