Spider Roll & Sanma Fish.

Salmon & Avocado Maki
Spider Roll
Sanma Fish
Salmon Belly Soup

This was just a Daddy & Daughter Dinner and I can't remember when was the last time when it was just my Dad & I having a meal together; We almost didn't make it to Sangokai as Dad was a little hesitant on it's quality; but by the second dish; he was convinced that it was much, much better than Sushi Tei!

The salmon used in the sushi was so fresh; and the salmon belly was beyond awesome; I've never had cooked salmon that would melt, literally(!) in your mouth! The Sanma fish which is in season right now; is very different from the usual sashimi that I would order but it really lived up to the hostess' recommendation. What I liked about it was that the fish bone could be taken back to the kitchen to be deep fried to a crispy golden brown; and then everything could be eaten.

Considering that we were both really tired from working close to 12 hours that day; this meal had certainly been more than enough to make up for the OT! And yes; when we went home to rave about our dinner; my Mom and brothers were definitely green with envy!

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