Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves.

I was mortified when my little brother exclaimed, "Ali Baba!" when he saw me this afternoon; but on the other hand, what does he know about my gorgeous, silk, cropped Topshop pants, right? Perhaps it was due to the massive dose of Who What Wear Daily and the gorgeous editorials in Marie Claire; but I took the liberty to dress up for Fall when I saw the overcast skies. But I guess, what I love most about this outfit was my white button down shirt; I think the last time I wore it was... A really long time ago; and it felt good; to bring it out and wear it about town again! (At least my Mom wouldn't accuse me of not wearing my old clothes after having new ones!)

Anyway, both my brother and I have a shared indulgence for Starbucks coffee, (he's absolutely in love with it's iced mocha with a generous serving of whipped cream on the top!) and it was just great to hang out together; with me poring over my Paris travel guide; and him jabbing at my phone. And I want to add that; Fodor's travel guide is one of my favorite, to source for information; somehow, Lonely Planet's lengthy paragraphs isn't my cup of tea.

Although we usually shop as a family; it's been ages since my Mom paid for any of my purchases, what with my allowance and my salary; so it came as a surprise when she bought the quirky Anna Sui Ring Rouge almost on a whim- for me! Perhaps she was in a good mood as she was getting her lip balm, after it's been out of stock for months; but it's nice to receive a gift from your Mom once in a while, isn't it?

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