The Reason Why I Can Never Be A Vegetarian.

I will give up on chicken and pork in a beat;
Beef... Maybe with some real determination and if you don't wave a medium rare steak; done which ever way; in front of me.
But sashimi; and some really great sushi.
I'm sorry.
No way; can I give up my ikuras, tuna bellies, uni-s and salmon mentais for anything; and I really mean it; unless of course; there was some real threat to the eco system;

Except for that awesome Japanese restaurant Harrison and I went to in Manhattan East Village; Nothing really compares to Sushi Tei; with it's price and quality.

And in all my years that I've been going to Sushi Tei; yesterday was my first in ordering their desserts and for those who frequent Sushi Tei; or you're thinking of making a trip down someday; please do yourself a favor and get that Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream. It's beyond amazing and really worth every buck; it's great for sharing too; but of course- there might just not be enough!

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