These Boots Are Made For Walkin' And That's Just What They'll Do.

I've been wanting to get a pair of knee high boots even before I knew about my trip; and right now; I've just got the perfect reason to go boots shopping! But; unfortunately; there ain't that many places selling pretty boots, but my brother and I have found these pretty kick ass boots at New Look!
I didn't, ( or rather, my brother didn't) take a great shot of the boots but it's got sort of a greyish, distressed leather and it's really amazing; and perfectly grungy "for London".
It's totally the opposite of what I'm looking for; and it's really not me; but I've decided to zip it on and give it a go around the store; I feel like such a bad ass biker chick in these denim shorts and boots; but yes; my top gave me away!

PS/ Now, I can't stop humming to the chorus of the title of this post! 

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