Military Inspired / Plain Ol' Khaki

So just as I've tweeted on Friday; this was my interpretation of Erin Wasson; and that "military inspired" jacket that I was raving about. Come to think of it, it's probably nothing like the army green, military jacket you are thinking about; but somehow, the brass buttons and beat up khaki jacket made me associate it with that. Oh well, perhaps I did watch Enemy At The Gates a couple of days ago; and Jude Law & Rachel Weisz did wear plenty of khaki-colored military uniforms in that movie!

On a side note, I'm obsessed with these pair of Zara denim shorts which I've got recently! They're so comfy, especially in this weather and I've been wearing them all the time! Plus, I love how they look so friggin' good; especially with tee shirts and blazers rolled up at the sleeves! I'm definitely going in the path of all that's casual chic!


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