Happy Birthday Singapore!

To be clear, I'm not really into the whole, National Day festivities; not because I don't love my country; I love Singapore; don't get me wrong; but; somehow I find it really lame to sing patriotic songs; and let's not forget about the plastic flag that we are obliged to wave, when given, shall we?

But anyway, I thought that it would be fab to wear my favorite, floral maxi dress; not only is the dress reddish; the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid is our National Flower; isn't it; so it's so right to wear florals! :D

The sky was gorgeous; even at 9 in the morning; and I know that it will be a great day to borrow my brother's Canon SLR for some great fun! When we arrived at the Istana; I knew that there was something wrong; apparently, lots of people turned up at the gates; only to be turned away because the Istana was opened only on the eve of National Day and not on the actual day itself! How weird is that?!
Undeterred, we took the opportunity to take plenty of photos with the backdrop that the Istana Park had offered and it was not too bad. Thereafter, we decided to go for ice cream and shopping in the area and it was great! ( I'll definitely do a post on my New Look finds!)

Okay; I guess I shall let the photos do the talking; there are plenty!

I've always loved such blue, blue skies
Istana Park; and the YOG Mascots;
My little brother; I have no idea why is he so happy!
 I love him! He's always so cheeky!
Wearing the National Colors
My Dad will make a good paparazzi; I was looking for him; apparently; he's already on the other side!
 Our favorite haunt; I think we've been to 313, thrice this week!
At Marche; Waiting for my Sauteed Mushroom Crepe;

 Having a meal with Jason; it's been so long! (He's always so busy!)
Isn't he handsome?(: I love his nose!
Love the fixtures they have around the restaurant! So pretty!
The colors of these veggies are so rich! Especially the zucchinis!

And, not forgetting my outfit; dedicated for this day;

I can't believe that I've had this maxi for about a year and it's still one of my favorites! This dress definitely brings me lots of memories; of Shilin Nightmarket where I got this dress with Esther, of Taipei 101 when I went with Harrison when he was back in Taipei; of Raohe Nightmarket when Mel and Kaheng were having a vacation in Taiwan; aww~ Okay, before I get all sentimental; Let me just say that; it's a really good TWD$600 spent!, Ever!

Oh, by the way; this is my 301st post! Which is quite a feat; considering how just a couple of months ago; I wasn't at all inspired to keep this blog going! Now that I've found a balance between fashion, photography, food, friends and whatever I want to blog about; I'm definitely in a much happier place!


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