A Little Bit of Chanel, Is What We Need.

I don't normally look at runway collections, but when I do; there's only the selective few that I do catch; with Chanel being one of them. Which is why I was so impressed when I saw this white, shaggy fur coat hanging off the rack at Zara when I was shopping last Saturday!

Although I have no need for such a piece of outer wear; I knew that I had to try it on; for fun. I felt a little sorry for the sales assistant though; but to be fair; I did purchase the other item which I brought with me into the fitting room!

It really emulates the runway of Chanel Fall 2010; and I love it! I know that 95% of you here will just feel that this is the worst nightmare for someone with nose allergies; or like my sweet, sweet boyfriend, thinks that I look like a massive bird; but, I love it(:

I swear; all of you will have to thank the heavens that I live in the tropics and not in (ahem); Indiana or something. Because I will so totally get this; even though it's as impractical as hell.

Owell, you know what they say, Love is blind!

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