I Think That Rainbows Are Magical.

It must be some kind of concept which I've held onto tightly since childhood; as I'm in love with colors in my food since I was little! Especially breakfast cereals! My absolute favorites were Honey Stars; and once in a while; I'll beg my parents to get me some Froot Loops; But being responsible parents that they were; I've gotten more Banana Nut Crunch or Oatmeal Raisins for my breakfast rather than the evil, addictive sugary and colorful Fruit Loops in my breakfast bowl.

Which explains why I'm always so excited when I see colored chocolate rice or thousands and ones whenever I'm at an ice cream parlor! They are a must have for me as toppings and I'll always relish my dessert with glee!

Had Frolick only recently the other day, and I must say; that they are so much better than ice cream! I never thought that I'll be able to say that; but I guess it's good enough as a substitute for my favorite dessert!
Of course; what's better is that I get to choose my toppings; and guess what's always at the top of my list?!


My love for colors have extended beyond food I guess; since my face lit up like a Christmas Tree when these came for me the other day;

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and the colors of the roses, carnations and hydrangeas were so rich!
I guess what they say about flowers is true; you feel absolutely loved to the core when you receive them from someone you love!

Thanks baby((:

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