Haven't met some of You in ages; so I thought that an update will be in order; so that you'll know how wonderful and fabulous (I wish) my life is!

The month of July is definitely a PARTAY month for me; attending birthdays and whatnots; So far; the two birthdays that I've gone to were wonderful! One with an extravagant Chanel Birthday cake; the other with an extravagant venue in Capella Singapore;

The one's coming up this Saturday is going to amazing too; and I know; it will be by far; the MOST fantabulous; since I'll be going with my crazy secondary school mates who I know; can pretty much rock a party!

Yiqin in a Topshop Maxi; Wearing my favorite, partially sequined F21 Toga Dress;

Thanks to the fabulous Yiqin from Qin at The Disco who invited me to her 20th birthday bash at her place! Getting to Tanah Merah is not joke; especially if you live on the other side of SG; but the party and people were awesome! Of course; the fact that Germany thrashed Argentina (4-0) that night further elevated my good mood; and with some ardent Germany fans around; what more can I say?!

Oh; but of course; I've got to mention the piece de resistance; and that is the utterly awesome Chanel 2.55 birthday cake! It was so puny; so I was amazed that all 30 odd people at the party got a bite! There was nothing but double chocolate fudge cake in the entire thing; and it was bliss(: Of course it was pretty funny how the birthday girl doesn't want to poke the cake with any candles and how she was super reluctant to cut the cake; whoever that did the cake must be super pleased!(:

Welson's 21st Birthday Party was; well, a HUGE party! And finding this place was; no joke; I was just thanking the heavens that I was wearing my gorgeous flats instead of the skyscraper heels that I usually wear to such parties!

With the Birthday Boy;

It was a shame that I did not bring my camera along because I would have gone snap happy in the setting; The British colonial building was set against a backdrop of a starry night sky and you can't help but feel the grandeur upon setting eyes on the terracotta tiles and white washed building as you walk up the meandering driveway. Capella was nothing that screamed loud, and fancy; but that is the allure of the place. It was a fusion of colonial and modern SG and it's just so breathtakingly beautiful. 

The party was the essence of what 21st Coming Of Age parties were like; complete with a boisterous group of friends, good food; and a large birthday cake in the shape of a key! Because we only know a couple of friends at the party; we pretty much stuck together and had a great time with our camera in the huge bathroom! (It was an indoor and open concept bathroom; with a see through glass for doors leading to the toilet and shower; complete with a walk in wardrobe and floor length sliding doors with views to the canopy!)

With Jumie & Xuting (L-R)
I was thankful that I've got a chance to see how beautiful this place was; only this time; my mood was not as good as at Yiqin's party; as Germany was defeated by Spain (1-0) this time round in the quarterfinals):

But anyway;

Via Google Images;

(Isn't he so yummy?!)

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