Stripes, Leopard Prints & Neon Green.

Wanted to get the striped maxi immediately when I saw it hanging on the shelf at F21, even though my Mom commented that I'll look like a prison escapee in this. What daunted me more though; was the black & grey stripes as I shimmied it on in the fitting room. However, it was a perfect fit although I was one size bigger at my hips, and I was surprised at how comfortable it was; (and most importantly, my butt doesn't look look as ginormous!)

As I was still nursing a bit of a hangover as I was heading out; I was sorely tempted to just throw a scarf over the maxi and get over and done with. But I decided to mix things up a little and put on this neon tank top that I got awhile ago in Hong Kong for a mere $3!

It certainly is a deviation from what I normally wear; but I love it!

I want to say thanks to my little brother for taking these; Although he didn't even wait for me to get ready! AND he didn't include my feet in the shots; sheesh! (BUT, I've still got to thank him thou; I made him stand in the rain for me!)

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