When It Comes To Food, Think Pink.

Have been meaning to share these photos since like forever; and it was the trigger at Yigloo yesterday which made me pretty determined to share them.

I love my food, but I guess what I love more is taking gorgeous photos of these gastronomic delights! Be warned though; they're absolutely drool worthy!

Raspberry Cheesecake| Coffee Bean

Nothing beats good old fashioned cheesecake; but what makes them even more irresistible is when they come with the tangy goodness of raspberry! Cheesecake always taste superb with berries and for this; the cherry on the icing was in fact; the yummy white chocolate flakes sprinkled with a generous amount of cocoa powder;

Iced Rosebuds Tea| Paradise Inn 

I'm a huge fan of fruit tea; but I've never ventured beyond that. My Mom was braver than me though; and she tried this lovely beverage the last time we were dining at this awesome Chinese restaurant; Paradise Inn. Not only does this drink looks amazing and too pretty to drink; it tastes amazing too! The taste and texture of the tiny petal flakes on your tongue are something to get used to; but once you get over that; you can never have enough! I had to focus on my lovely Strawberry Fruit Tea to keep myself from reaching to my left for hers!

Pomegranate Acai Berry w/ Original Tart| Yigloo 

Everyone who has been walking around the basement of Vivo City would have definitely noticed this concept store. Yigloo has been around for quite some time; but it was only yesterday when I've tried their yogurt ice cream! Their DIY concept was so much fun; and I had such a great time drizzling the rainbow bits over my yogurt! You can have any toppings that you want; but frankly; there wouldn't have been enough space! (Mine was a Medium and I barely managed!)

For ice cream lovers out there who are watching their weight; this is definitely something for you to try! Unlike some of the other yogurt ice cream in the market; being 99% fat free does not compromise on great taste! It's really amazing! Can't wait for my next fix!

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