" I Would Color All Day Everyday If I Had My Way"

Another one of Samantha's tongue in cheek lines from SATC; on the not so innocent subject of, coloring; bless her. She always says the darnest things;

I would color all day everyday too; if I had my way. But unlike Samantha; for me, coloring would be about me wearing my maxis; Ever since getting my first floral print corset maxi last year in Taipei; I was seriously addicted to those ankle grazing, swishy fabrics. If not for them; my closet would definitely not be as colorful now;

This summer; I fell in love with maxis all over again;
Was flipping through Vivi the other day when I came upon pages and pages of colorful maxi dresses worn so many ways! Saw some really casual tee maxis which are entirely different from what I have and I fantasized about them immediately;

So you can probably imagine my reaction was when I found these amazing tee maxis from Dorothy Perkins, and at such a steal I might add! I love it so much that I got two identical ones; in different colors; and if I could, I would want to live in them! Honestly- Even Harrison realised that it's pointless to tell me that I seem to be wearing it all the time! (And he's a good 10000miles away from me!)

What can I say; I really love my maxis I guess!


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