Kore Wa Kawaii Desu!

This has been a long awaited post; but I just need to showoff my super cute Japanese goodies which Audrey have bought in Japan for me!

I'm in love with Japanese magazines because the editorials are just super cute; and so fun! Really nothing like the ones we have in SG and those we get from the States; but they weigh a ton! (Thanks Aud! For lugging it around for me!) The fact that I don't understand a single word doesn't matter because as we all know; pictures speak a thousand words! And there are tons of pictures in it! Heh!

Saw the Panda Pocky awhile ago on Winnie's blog at Diamond Canopy; and I'm in love with how cute it is! Can't believe that Aud really found it for me! Till date; I can't bring myself to open the package! But I know I will, eventually!

Afterall, who can resist chocolate in such a cute packaging right?!


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