I Love You A Million Red M&Ms;

I always have the habit of doing a little something for Harrison whenever I meet him; and it's no exception this time.
However, I had the hugest mental block and I took like days; to finally come up with the idea of what I want to do for him; and it was completed only the day before he left SG! (Yes, it was that bad!)

I have What A Girl Wants to thank though; for coming up with such a brilliant line which I had used for the title of this post; and with a little tweak, the Prada joke had ended up as an inside joke between the both of us;

Also, I was browsing through magazines with huge printouts of the MAC Viva Glam From Our Lips Campaign featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper; and I decided to use MY red hot MAC lippy to attempt at something which I had never done before!

It was just hilarious, kissing on that piece of paper; trying to get the my lips to produce something as kissable as Lady Gaga's or Cyndi Lauper's and I gave up in the end; smearing the finished product with weird pouty lip shapes;

But it was tons of fun; and the look of surprise ("You KISSED This?!") on his face was worth it! And I'm glad that I've actually got a bit of creative juice and guts in me to do something like that!

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