Soups & Spoons.

So yes; I've got to admit. I've never been to The Soup Spoon. Ever.
Come on, pick your jaw up from the ground! In my defense- I've never really been a soup person. Don't get me wrong, I love my soup; In fact, corn soup is my favorite. But... The concept of relying on soup alone to get me through to the next meal is a little hard to... Swallow; (Pardon the pun!)

Anyway, thanks to Shirley I got to try the soups here!

Had a quick meet up because the both of us had completely forgotten that the deadline for returning our grad gown was on June 5. I honestly think that the number one thing that we have in common is how much of a scatterbrain we are!

Uber Creammy;

Back to The Soup Spoon; Shirley had the super sinful Boston Clam Chowder; and it was good! However, it sort of tastes like they've added too much milk or cream; or something. But this is a really a good pick me up should you need all the carbs in the world; (I remember how it used to warm me up from the inside when I had this in the States! It will make you feel better instantly!)

A Regular Minestrone; The vegs were done so well!
Love the Caesar Salad here! Their homemade croutons weren't too bad!

I had the minestrone; which is another one of my favorites; and it was delicious!
Well, the fact that it costs $6 per bowl; it'd better be! It's full of yummy goodness of veggies and macaroni bits; and I was so stuffed by the time I finished my caesar salad and iced tea;

Needless to say; The Soup Spoon is going to be my new favorite hangout; besides; it's one of the healthiest fast food restaurant around! Even more than Subway I would say! But I guess; I'd avoid this place during peak periods; whenever I can. It was slightly; weird; that Ley and I were almost touching elbows with the patrons beside us; and it doesn't help that we can hear whatever that they were discussing; and they could probably hear ours word for word  too; (in which the topic was quite morbid, if I'm not wrong!)

But, whatever, like what I've said about Udders; there's nothing which great affordable food and good company can't make up for!

Till then; I can't wait for our next meetup; we've already decided on the menu thou; IKEA Meatballs, anyone?!


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