Spagaddies, Spag(daddies) & Durex.

Compared to Mother's Day; Father's Day celebrations are always more low key; I have no idea why. But
anyway; it was so much fun shopping for my dad's pressie; he's been looking for a new belt and we found the perfect one for him at Zegna of all places!

It's a reversible belt which he can wear with dress pants or jeans; and the price is at such a steal! I have no idea if it's due to the Great Singapore Sale; but it was alot cheaper as compared to Armani or Prada; and alot nicer! (For a man close to 50 anyway!)

Had a simple dinner at one of my favorite childhood restaurant and I have to say; that it's so unfair that I always end up with the least appealing dish.

The Rotisserie Chicken was so succulent as were the veggies for the sides. 

Thou it's a little dry; this dish is so healthy with all the vegs!
(I'd try this at home one of these days for sure!)

Mine. I know right; it's so unfair!

Anyway; I shared this on Twitter; but I'd do it again here.
Was flipping through the newspaper when I saw this in the Straits Times! It was too funny not to share!

Googled about this Durex ad and I came up with better results.
It is so much cheekier as compared to the one in print; and of course, I love this more!
I got to say; Durex's competitors must be hitting themselves in the head and wonder why on earth didn't they come up with such an effective ad; which consists of only 11 words!


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