Don't Be Selfish; Think of U.D.D.E.R.S.!

Because we've frequent Marina Square to death; when Ley & I met up for a quick catch up last Friday; we decided to pop by Udders @ United Sq to redeem our huge ice cream scoops from Sam(:

Our Favorite Udders Babe!

The array of flavors available at Udders is nothing like you'll imagine; with crazy, fun flavors like Lychee Martini, Snicker Mars Honeycomb Vanilla and Kick S Cream Caramel. Ley decided on ChocMarsh(mallows); and I went for Strawberry Fields straightaway; as I had a craving for fruity flavors that day.

The ChocMarsh was unbelievable! You can really taste the marshmallows chunks; and with really chocolatey chocolate mixed in; you'd either love it; or hate it; it all adds up to if you're dieting or not!

I love my Strawberry Fields; and although it's just plain strawberry; there's something different about Udders'; thou it may be all just in my mind; heh.

What I like about Udders thou; is their lifestyle concept. It seems to be a favorite amongst teens and families with young children alike. Like many cafes thou; they've erected a board for patrons to leave messages and quirky drawings and of course; we couldnt resist!

It was a great place to chill and catch up with your friends though it can get a little rowdy when kids start coming in and screaming at the top of their voices as they play with chalks and markers; and when seats right beside you is taken up due to limited spaces;

But other than that; it's nothing which great, affordable ice cream and good company can't make up for!

Besides, there's only so much Ben & Jerry's and Rocky Mountains that we can stomach- It's time that we start supporting and being shamelessly proud about something so fabulous that's Made In Singapore!

Sam's adorable sketch!

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