Of Jet Lags & Cricks In The Neck;

To all my friends,
I know there are some of you, who are worried that I will have some sort of breakdown on the plane ride home; but I'm proud to say that nothing of that sort had happened; I slept like a baby from Detroit to Tokyo and it was only in the 3rd leg of the itinerary when I start to get really restless and couldn't sleep very well. (Jetlag.)

I got to admit, though; I was immensely envious of another couple who were my travelling companion on the NRT-SIN leg of the journey. 

I was there at my seat first, right in the middle of three; when this wonderful couple from LA came over and asked if I would mind scooting to the window seat; so they could spend that 6.5h together; 

They were going to Bali for a vacation and you could tell; how loving they are; that they were meant for each other. 
They took care of each other; giving each other back rubs, keeping their hands warm by warming it when theirs; and although they must be in their 20s, they still act like we do; all lovey dovey; and interlocking their fingers when they hold their hands; even in their sleep.

What did it for me though; was when the Patrick Dempsey lookalike (He's REALLY, cute) beside me fell asleep; and his partner wrapped his arms around him; and fell asleep like that; on his shoulder. 
For a really long time; I was sneaky envious glances at them; and all I could think about was my baby): And how, I could only have that kind of warmth; maybe in June, this year? (Which I'm not going to complain! Sure sounds alot better than next June or something!)

And yes, if you are observant enough; you would wonder why I didn't use any of the pronoun; "she" or "her" the entire time; because; Mr. Patrick Dempsey lookalike's partner is simply, a "He" too. 

This post was not to rave about my traveling experience with a homosexual couple; but rather, how in love they are; with each other; and how capable they are; of loving each other; like any "normal" couples do. Or even better.

There were no, clichéd over the top PDAs, both partners were masculine in their own right; and you wouldn't  take a second glance at any of them on the streets, because they don't "look" or act "gayish" at all; 
(I got to say, Chuck & Larry really undermines homosexual relationships and it is another one of Hollywood's stereotype again.)

I just want to share this; because, I was really overwhelmed by, and envious; of the amount of love, they have, for each other, gay or not; 

Deep Inside. Tenderlilac @ deviantART

And I want to be able, to love like that, too. 

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