Let Me Count The Ways...

Time, is going by, so much faster than I
And I'm starting to regret not spending all of here with you

When we listen to a song, more often than not,
The lyrics will speak to us either in the bridge, or the chorus, or even the verse.
But usually, never, in the first verse, the first line.

For me; whenever I'm with him; I always feel that, the pages are flying off, the calendar.
When a month, turn to weeks, to days, and then finally, THE day.

In the blink of an eye,
It's time to say goodbye; Again.

If I were given a chance to choose again; take a wild guess,
And guess which route I'll pick.

Things happen in life, for many funny reasons;
And, it may seem like a cruel joke, to be separated from the one person you love with all your heart;
(Trust me; I've felt that way and I've got tear stains on pillows and shirt sleeves to proof.)

 But I've never once regretted.

I'm thankful that, because of this;
I get to have such amazingly different, and fresh ideas, for dates with him.

I just can't count the ways which make me love him  so, so, very much;
But, let me try.

My dear friends, bear with me?

I love the way he makes me laugh.
That's for sure. I didn't even hesitate while I was typing this.

I love the way, he pulls funny faces, to make me laugh.
I love the way, he's so unreserved, so NOT afraid, to make people laugh, AT him.
And that's amazing; to see the confidence he has, in him.

I love the way he acts up; just like a boy;
Because we're 20; And growing up so fast;
But also, the way he allows me to be like a girl;
Just so he can spoil me shamelessly.
(I kind of like that part better!)

I love the way he drives.
I feel so, safe.
And yet, I love the way he allows me to be on the wheel; (Practice!)
Even though he's breaking out in cold sweat.
Trusting that I will not put a dent in his car;
(Though there was a close shave.)

And I love looking at him cook.
I love the way he cooks.
Because of him; I don't have to have instants all the time.

And there's just so much more;
And so much that I love, and that I'll miss.

But really,
If not for the distance; I guess, I'll never see those moments, as anything special, as anything "blog-worthy" enough.
And I'm so appreciative, and so thankful to have him

To have these special, pocketful of memories, to keep.

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