And Just When I'm Going Home; B-Town, IN

I remember one dinner two years ago at Sushi Tei; when I met up with Yuna and Jorge when they were in SG; we were chatting, eating and having a great time; and finally, when the check came; they took it from me; saying that it will be my turn to give them a treat, should I visit them in B-Town.

I laughed;
It was weird, so, farfetched to even contemplate, being able to visit them; 10000 miles away.

Here I am, sitting on a comfy sofa seat in the West Wing of Herman Well's library; working on this post.
It's amazing how, far we've come; and how it goes to show; never believe that anything is impossible;

When I mentioned Bloomington, Indiana; everyone seems to give that polite, "aah"; and some varied response. Some of you may remember it being mentioned in the movie; Valentine's Day; where they say everyone celebrate "Love Your Cousin Day" here; (Which doesn't give Indy much cred, isn't it?!)

It's not exactly New York or LA; but I've come to fall in love with this quaint little town;
IUB is one of the top 10 most beautiful campus in the States and it's easy to see why;

Even in early Spring, when the landscape is so sparse; you can see how beautiful the scenery is; imagine what it must be like in full bloom. I'm lucky enough to see some of the flowers in bloom; and it's gorgeous! I've never seen purple color trees in my life; and I was so surprised when I spotted one; and then 30seconds later, I realised that it's dotted along the entire street.

SG may be a tropical country but you don't get to see blooms like this.

I can't believe that I'm really, leaving tomorrow afternoon.

On one hand; I can't wait to be back in SG; where I'll get to see my family, KOBE(: My darlings; and all that is familiar; (the food!)

On the other hand; I can't bear to leave my baby):
It feels like forever, since seeing him in Taipei last August; and in a blink of an eye; it's back to saying goodbye again;
He may be going over to SG in May; but nothing is finalized):
It's impossible; to think about getting to see him only next year; after his graduation;
But, owell, before I start crying in the library;

Looking on the bright side;
I'm glad that I've got this chance to be here with him; for an entire month;
And I'm lucky enough; to have someone, love me just as much, or even much more; than how much I love him.
Really lucky.
That I'm so loved(:

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