Snowflakes That Stay On My Nose And Eyelashes

These are a few of my favorite things;

From the Sound of Music; one of my favorite childhood musicals, ever;
So of course; the best thing to continue with such a lovely song would be to share some of my favorite memorabilia from my vacation;

Got it from Fifth Avenue; to reward myself for ending another chapter of my life (school!) and the continuation of another chapter; in this amazing city;

The gorgeous grey is to die for; and the cut is really flattering. In the States; when I'm not wearing my trench, I'm definitely wearing this A|X blazer; or no coats at all!

I'm a sucker for these sorts of tees; and no, I didn't get the LA one from NY obviously! Baby was in LA for his Winter Break and he got that for me; along with this, battery operated; noise sensitive tee which will light up according to the decibels around; (Like seriously!) 

N-ope; nothing lacy, fringy or sexay; just really colorful and comfy undies from Esther's favorite place. Of course; the cute packaging which they wrap your purchase in, doesn't hurt!

I've always been abit of a geek; I can't help it! I love reading; and yes, that means I read purely, for pleasure. Barnes & Nobles and Borders were great for me to browse and find books which I absolutely love;

Baby got this for me and I love it so much that I wore it with those comfy yoga pants on the plane journey home. Besides; it's a great conversation starter, with a barista from Starbucks asking me if I go there (IU) for school as he will be starting out this Fall; and another fellow traveler telling me that his sister went to IU years ago!

M&MS &Hershey's World were crazy enough; with the arrays of chocolates and candies they sell; but that period of time when we were in the States was Easter; so all the more; Kroger and Marsh were well stocked with Easter chocolate bunnies and pastel colored candies; it was wonderful!

And how can I forget; my loveliest, 20th birthday present;

Neverfull Damier Azur;
Baby chose this for me; cos he felt that I should have some, "grown up" type of bag in my wardrobe and this design and color is simple; and yet, uber chic(: What more can I say, it's gorgeous! THANK YOU!

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