In the shoes of a Chicagoan;

View from Michagan Lake

Chicago is beautiful.
Not to say that New York isn't; it's just, that the architecture, sculptures and skyline found in this city are gorgeous; a tad more gorgeous that The City That Never Sleeps.

John Hancock Observatory

The moment Baby drives in the City, I was hooked;
By the buildings, the art sculptures found all over, and how; it is SO different as compared to New York.

Sure, NYC is exciting and VIBRANT, but it can feel rather, unfeeling at times; the way people brushes past you; and stares at you on the subway and whatnots;

Walking down Michigan Avenue and NYC's Fifth Avenue is different too; you don't feel all that intimidated; and it's actually kinda relaxing shopping along Michigan Avenue;

I don't know; that's just how I felt; maybe it's the weather; It was really nasty that first two days in the Big Apple;

Millennium Park was our first stop; and my favorite highlight of Chicago; it is one amazing park; that could draw crowds; and people of all ages; the diversity that was exciting and it's interesting and heartwarming to see people drawn to the famous 110 tonne Cloud Gate, or more commonly known as The Bean Sculpture;
(Proof; my parents were unabashedly taking pictures of their reflections with so many people watching; how many middle aged adults do that?!)

PS/ It was also here; when we found out that for that mere 45mins we parked our VW, it costs us an AMAZING, USD$20; now; let's not complain about the pricey parking in SG next time; shall we?! It's; w-o-ow; The four of us just stared at the screen; in disbelief!

That aside, we went to one of Chicago's best restaurant to satisfy our gastronomic cravings; The Cheesecake Factory is FANTASTIC; and should there be a franchise in SG, the queues would be mile long! The starters were great; the Clam Chowder was; yummmey and creamily good; the Main was awesome; I had the Miso Salmon and the fish was grilled perfectly; and the dessert; they don't call it the Cheesecake Factory for nothing!

The Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake which Baby and I shared was; insanely good; and so was my parents' Tiramisu Cheesecake; absolutely DELISH;

Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue was next; since we were on that street; and it was interesting; and fun; but the highlight was probably that Protest that broke out when we were at the American Girl building;

Protestors marched the streets holding slogans, banners, and yelling their cause; people were looking from the sides, some even joined in the "fun" with their shopping bags in tow; and there were even police escorts blocking the road for them;

(If you're interested, the protest was about the war in Iraq; about how the people felt the money should be used on Health care and NOT Warfare; which I felt was rather catchy!)

Okay; so anyway, a quick check with MS Words tells me that I'm hitting close to 500words now; I'll leave the 2nd part of my Chicagoan experience to another day then;


Love him(:

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