Brand New Look; Not.

Was trying to find a gorgeous Skin for this blog; and somehow; I just can't find one that I like;
And since I don't speak Java language; I can't do up one according to my taste.

Was looking at Pearls & Sands; which I've horribly neglected and I decided to set Pixie up according to that(:

It's simple; and idiot proof.
Exactly the way I like(:

So, don't be surprised when you see the photo of the so ever gorgeous, Erin Wasson, (who's 28 this year;) She's my absolute favorite celeb; and yes, I've given up on thinking that I'll ever, have arms like her; but, a girl can keep dreaming(:

PS/ I know, the way I blog seems; a bit different; but it's still me! Maybe it's the inevitable Americanization that happens when you're here for a slightly longish period; and perhaps; the novels which I've been devouring like a homeless to a warm meal; If you see what I mean(:


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