These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New...

Now you're in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let's hear it for New York, New York,
New York

Empire State of Mind,
Sex and The City
Gossip Girls,

Many, many more;
You've heard about it; NEW YORK CITY;

It seems so surreal; to be really, really there.
Of course, it was a abit of an anti climax when our plane got diverted but the buzz; just when you are stepping on the dirty, pavement (sidewalk?) is just; indescribable.

For the first two days, the weather is horrible; it's not only cold, it's windy; and the sun is hiding behind masses of grey clouds; my mom's cute; she's always shivering and stuffing her hands into her pocket and hiding half her face behind her woolly scarf.

The three of us were just acting tough:D

We decided to go indoors; so first stop; it was Madame Tussuad's on Broadway, near Times Square; it was kinda cool; seeing these famous wax figurines up close; being able to pose or do whatever you want;

It's just cool; that you've got a collection of so many people; in different areas; sports, models, scientists, movers and shakers of the world; spanning across various eras;

That's where you've got Einstein; to bubblegum pop stars like Miley Cyrus;

Taking the Subway (MRT?) in NYC is a fun experience; and yes, I was a little surprised at how... Old and dirty the Subway is. SG's is truly a million times better than NYC; that I got to say.

So we went to a couple of places; seen so many things;
Fifth Avenue, of course
Times Square
Empire State Building
Brooklyn Bridge
Ground Zero
Liberty Island
Battery Park

It was awesome(:

Breakfast of Bagels @ Port Authority of New York

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral; built way back in the 19th Century;

Outside Macy's; the world's largest departmental store!

I love New York(: Who doesn't right?(:

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