From SIN to JFK; NOT.

Well, the plan was to fly from SG, transit at Narita, and then fly straight out to JFK;
BUT, unfortunately, we were one of those onboard who had their flight delayed by hours; and then we were transferred to Boston's Logan International Airport where we had to find our way, to NYC; due to bad, bad weather conditions.

The winds were blowing at 65 miles per hour; something which we will never experience in SG, and while the Captain was attempting to land; we felt like we were riding on a roller coaster ride; we were flying with a Japanese tour group and the shrieks were; horrible; LOL; you don't feel... anything; till you hear the screams; Seriously.

At Boston, we were not allowed to deplane; and we had to stay on the plane for like; 2hours? By then, I was close to feeling.... Nothingness. By then; everyone was thirsty, and hungry; because we've had our last meal... like... 6hours ago?

Harrison was meeting us at JFK; and he should probably have been there since; 1pm? And we were stuck in Boston at 6 plus? With a lousy, phone network; LOL;

Anyway, at Boston, we had to find our way to NYC; and it was a wild ride from the airport to the bus terminal;
Originally we wanted to take the train to NYC; and my dad was all.. Happy go lucky; and said that we could get the tickets AFTER we've had a snack; AND;
You guess it; the tickets were sold out!

Hahah; by then; I was used to things not going our way and we had to make another trip to the bus terminal to catch a 4hour bus ride to NYC;

It was exceptionally cold and windy and rainy and we had to lug our heavy luggages all over the place;
We found an agent which had a bus leaving at 9pm; and we were AT the agent at like; 8:58? LOL; WE MADE A MAD MAD DASH to the terminal and I felt like I was in the Amazing Race or something;

SO, that concludes our short stint at a beautiful city; WITHOUT any photos cos we were too hungry, cold and tired.

Voila; eventually, we reached NYC after much fanfare and our stop was at Canal Street, Chinatown;
IT WAS COLD; It was so so cold; that the inside of my ears hurt!
It was so hard to catch a cab; cos everyone's going to damn Brooklyn; and wow; we were getting super............ Desperate; It was about 2AM and we didn;t even care that we would get mugged in that part of town;

So, of course, I was the super hero of the day; hailing a cab and flailing my hands about; one hand tight on my trench coat cos it was just; insane! REALLY;

Eventually we got a cab and he was like, an angel or something; seriously;

SO, that concludes the eventful night at NYC; our FIRST night at NYC;
By the time we reached our hotel on 38th and Madison; we were so so shagged; and yes, that was how I looked to my baby; LOL,

Actually, thinking back; it's kinda funny; SUPER funny; BUT owell, it was a great experience!:D


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