To be your rock.

I'm your rock.
For you to depend on, for you to pour out your sorrows.

But, I'm tired, and scared.
I don't think that I'm good enough, to dish out the advice, or even, to be your listening ear.

You've been telling me your problems, how sad you are...
My heart's just so burdened, and heavily weighed down by your words...

This has never happened before,
And I dont know why.

Maybe, I'm just not as good enough, as a sister;

I want my rock, too.
Whenever I talk to you; I just... Want to have my rock too.

I'm worried, I'm not strong enough.

The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God.
Psalms 62:7

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  1. Rachie27.1.10

    Heyy! I'll be your paper ok? Be there for you when you need a hug :) Jiayou Jiayou! :D


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