Chronic Allergic Rhinitis;

Google is making me an expert in diagnosing what is wrong with me;

Since, forever, I've always got an itchy palate as and when; and sometimes; it gets so, unbearable;

Decided to google about it since the word "palate" seems to be cropping up everywhere these days; and I got this answer!

Chronic Allergic Rhinitis sufferers often have typical facial features called the “allergy face”. Nasal blockage and sinus congestion predispose to the bluish discolouration of the lower eyelids called “allergic shiners”, the characteristic linear creases under the eyelid are referred to as “Dennes lines”.

CHECK; now I know; WHY, my dark circles; are ALWAYS, always there; other than the lack of sleep!

Constant nasal rubbing typifies the “allergic salute” and results in a prominent “nasal crease” across the nose. Continuous nasal blockage causes “nasal” speech and mouth breathing with disturbed sleep.

CHECK, whenever I have a runny nose; I RUB, my nose; and yer; people always get the impression that I'm trying to RUB my nose off; and the "nasal crease" thing; check, check;

PLUS, yes, okay, I breath using my mouth cos my nose gets impossible blocked; Esther can vouch for that; aww.

This results in a high arched palate with dental crowding and malocclusion.

Check; I've got braces before. Isnt it!?

How wonderful.
Alright; at least, now, I've got a reason whyyy; my palate gets unbearably itchy sometimes; it's just so annnnoying~

Chronic allergic rhinitis)):

Another allergy to add on, on top of my allergy to prawns:/

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