It's already NOVEMBERRR

So Halloween came and went, but this year; was the first time, that I've done ANYTHING, about it(:

Decided to play dress up when I went school on Friday, because I know that there will be crazier people out there, than me(:

My theme was BALLERINA; of course(:

I love seeing people in their masks, and hats, and face paints; it's just super festive, and it really brings out the kid in us(:

Was chatting with Harrison online, during STMO tutorial and guess what?! His professor was so supportive of Halloween, that any student that wear a costume gets 2 extra credits! How wonderful right?!:D


The EAST SIDERS went out for supper that night; and of course I'm glad I've got a chance to be a little crazier; hahah! It made me feel like going clubbing; but owells; I've got next Halloween:D Haha!

But of course, it made me miss Hsimending so much; remember there were ghouls walking around?! I LOVE THEM; they look a hundred times scarier than anything I've seen this Halloween(:

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