Time is precious...

So much so that we can't afford to be sick;

This is something which dawned on me this morning; when I woke up with the worst kind of feeling in my throat ever.

Didn't even hesitate for a moment, before heading to the showers to get ready for school;

"The body is willing, but the flesh is weak;" pretty much sums up how I felt;

Trudged down to the dining room and told my mom I would want to rest today...

Pathetically enough, Monday's the only day which I can afford to be sick; No offense; but it's much easier to catch up with my work in Business Communications and Service Quality as compared to Marketing, Management and the likes:S

Aw, this feeling of hopelessness; (that time is not enough), is enough to make me sick; again. Hahaha.

Then again, what else do you expect to get out of Final Year isn't it?!(:

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