Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Pie...

I've always had this fantasy of baking my very own birthday cake; not necessary A birthday cake; but just, those kind of cakes where you have to slab on layers of cream, and fruits, chocolates and icing(:

I've finally, had (one of) my dream(s) come true!

Went over to Evon's (my baby cousin) place last Saturday at Khatib; and we had a great time; baking; well she actually did most of the work since she's doing a Pastry course in school.

Of course, while waiting for the batter to bake, we had a blast, doing "piping", or more commonly known as ICING, to us layman; it's not as easy as it seems; but once you get the hang of it, it's reallly fun!

I was SUPER impressed with my cake; REALLY. The colors, the design, how CUTE the final product was!

Well, but unfortunately, something went haywire in the process and the sponge cake had the... same taste as, a layered cake, if you get what I mean.


Was telling Harrison that I could finally, try bake something for him for his birthday! I was like; totally blown away when I saw the apple thing; which Yvonne, not Evon, baked him for his birthday last year! It was fantastic!

But of course, I'll still be in love with the very first birthday cake which Esther made me for my 19th!((:

EDIT: YES, and Audrey and Rachel were involved in the baking of my pretty cake tooooo!

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