The 6 Letter Word

The Future;

Whenever I think about it; it's enough to make me go cold in my stomach; make me feel queasy; so much so that I would not have the appetite/ mood to finish whatever I was doing then.

I think we're at that age; where we have to plan about what we want to do in life;

And yesterday; while chatting with Harrison; I've come to an unpleasant realisation that, I may be one of those people, who does a degree, in something which they have no interest in.

I do not want to be those people who, goes to college, choose a major they have no interest in, and do something; only because it's "responsible" and it "pays for the bills";

If I were to give up; and end up with a diploma; I KNOW, I'd definitely regret later in life;

And really; I'm way too chicken, to try something new; to start something all over again; (And my 3 academic years in Ngee Ann will be wasted!)

So, Hospitality Mangement; HERE I COME;
(Hah, said with as much enthusiasm as something going in for all their 4 wisdom tooth to be extracted)

I do not want to give up in Hospitality; After all; it IS really sad; to be doing something for the sake of doing it;

I'm so torn now; and the best part is; I KNOW how time flies; and if I want to do the Fall 2010 semester; I will have to get moving soon!

I know I'm not alone in how I feel but; gosh; the uncertainty is so unnerving!

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