*Flash Flash Flashing*

Aw; was listening to tons of sappy songs; and I decided to blog a litle about ALL those times Harrison was with me in Taipei!:D:D

Really tired after a long day at work! But I still managed to meet him at his place... With a lunchbox in tow; bought specially from Canton(:

It was incredible to be here with him; and it's amazing how long; it's been; since when we were both uniform wearing; O levels mugging students;

HIM, in his favorite BR shirt; browsing at Eslite...

Did so many things with him in Taipei; and I know that; this country will definitely hold a special place in my heart when I leave;

My Harrison((:

One thing constant; from last year was our favorite! We LOVE chilling out at cafes; and food places; and this year was in so many ways; better than 2008;

A BIG thank you; to your parents; for taking care of me while I'm here..

He was such a sweetheart; he actually went out all the way; to make me enjoy our dates; claiming that he only has one month; out of the 12; to have dates with me;

Snapped this while his mom's trying on some clothes(:


I love Friday's with him

I love Phantom of the Opera
I love Bellini's
I love crazy camwhoring sessions
I LOVE Eslite;
101 with you! (the view was especially awesome;)
I love fuxinggang
I love movie dates;

I love dinner dates with your family
I love Holiday
I love being with you

Before this post gets a little too; mushy; I shall, stop here; but;
Aw; I'm just incredibly lucky to be able to have all of this! With you(:

I'll miss you when you're back in the States...

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