Sheila's (Extra Special) 19th;

Esther and I came up with an ingenious plan; to surprise Sheila at the room; by ringing on the doorbell (incessantly!)at midnight; and that girl thought that we were annoying Chinese guests who had got the wrong door instead; (LOL; THEY DO THAT; ALL THE TIME!)

She was in her sleepwear; and we got her to change! (For picturesake!)

She was so touched; and I think the Birthday Girl was really close to crying!

She loved her black forest; and the pretty candles; and of course; I was there to capture everything;

It was so much fun; us eating the cake in silence; and then thinking of pranks for her; and after getting once pressie from us;

We got her to do a "treasure hunt" where she had to look for her 2nd gift!

The conversation was something like this;

" We have a 2nd gift for you; and it is hidden in this room! Go look for it yourself!"

"WHAT?!!? How am I going to EVER find it in this..... (speechless.)"

LOL; the state of our room;
It is really cosy; and comfy; but we'll definitely reject offers to come into our room to visit or have a look or whatever. You get the picture. HAHA!

She had to work the next day; (Unfortunately; her supervisor didn't schedule an off day for her on her birthday! And it was the afternoon shift which messes everything up!)

So we decided to have a birthday meal at Canton instead!
(Something really memorable; because there is NO way; my girlfriends and I will celebrate our birthdays by going to some hotel's Chinese restaurant;)

But the meal was awesome! Of course(:

On the menu was;

Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab

Fried Beef Horfun (I KNOW you get this everywhere in SG; but it's REALLY rare in TW!)

Shengkeng Tofu

Stir Fried Black Pepper Wild Boar's Meat

Sweet Glutinous Sesame Ball

It was REALLY absolutely DELISH!:D

Anyway; here's a shoutout to SHEILA;
(Sorry girl, didn't have a proper chance to give you a real good birthday blessing; BUT HERE GOES!)

Hope you'll have an awesome; 19th; and these few months with you; I've learnt alot about you; learnt from you too; AND, it's no mean feat; living with someone you have virtually no relations with; and I just HOPE for the remaining month in TW to be an incredible one; Let's really GO ALL OUT for our internship; no matter what the situation at work may be; and HAVE FUN;

I wish you tons of love, fun and smiles!


PS/ Shall post more pictures later; Experiencing some problemes with blogger now!

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